Broad Institute Visit

I am Adnan. I am a sophomore at CRLS. I am originally from India, but I grew up in U.A.E. My Enroot visit was to Broad Institute in January of 2017. At the Institute we learned about the scientist's routine, including problems they face every day to find the cure for different diseases.

In my opinion, the best part of the visit was the white board which they have attached to all the walls around the institute. The scientists use the white board to write their ideas while researching.

The lesson that I learned from the visit is that being a scientist is challenging. The process of finding the cure is hard, because you have to do several trials to improve your technique and be successful in your research.

I have also learned that becoming a scientist is not my ideal career because they do trials with animals and I am not comfortable with that. My ideal career would be to become an Architect Engineer, because I can combine my good math skills with my dreams to develop new concepts to build offices, schools, hospitals, bridges, roads, and houses.