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Enroot bridges the gap between education and a life full of possibilities.


We participate in the movement to make America the most welcoming country on earth by helping immigrant students thrive within our education system. Our students are global citizens and we celebrate their individuality.


*Cambridge community services and the city links program are now known as enroot. We may have a New name but we still have the same great mission.
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Our Model

A space where students feel welcome, a program to spark their ambitions.

Students are given a lens through which to envision their future in new roles they otherwise might not have imagined. Our team of adult mentors, tutors, instructors, and case managers helps empower students through a comprehensive after-school and summer program that facilitates each student to not only succeed, but fulfill their own American Dream.

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Our Students

Students from around the world become their best.

Our students are teenagers recently joining a school system. They are learning English. Their families may rely on them for support. Though many have faced significant adversity, they are resilient and determined to succeed.

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Our Community

Our society is strengthened through the appreciation and celebration of diverse cultures and people.

Our supporters are partners, funders, volunteers, and families, aware of the challenges our students face and dedicated to their long term success. They recognize our students’ tremendous resilience and are eager to match it with their time and capital.

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Your Impact

We all have roots from some place else.

The ability to adapt to new environments and connect with new people is essential to achieving your dream in this country. The story of making America home is
everyone’s story.

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