Note from Executive Director

Dear Friends of Enroot,

It’s with a heavy heart that I reach out again regarding the recent executive orders on immigration. I also come to you with a request for help.
When I look at Enroot students and their families I don’t see threats or burdens. I see abundant talent and tireless drive. I see resilience, courage, and bright dreams that cannot be extinguished. I see beauty, generosity and grace that exemplify humanity at its very best. I see my ancestors when they first started out here, and I see yours too.
The past few weeks have reminded us how fragile progress can seem and how long the journey to equality remains. They also bring to mind the sacrifices previous generations have made to stand up for our values. This is clearly a time for us to stand up and affirm that Enroot students, their families, and immigrants across this country are valued and valuable members of our community, and that we are more committed than ever to their success.

Many of you have been active in the last few weeks, participating in marches, contacting your elected officials, and rallying your friends to speak out. It makes me proud to know that the extended Enroot family is out there rolling up our sleeves and defending what we believe in. 
I hope you'll also consider taking one of these quick actions to show Enroot students they can count on us. Thanks for all you do to support Enroot students and keep our country’s proud legacy of welcoming immigrants alive and well!

Ben Clark
Executive Director

Many members of our community already support Enroot financially. Some donated as recently as last month. But I’m asking you to consider pitching in again to help us raise a $15,000 fund that will help us continue growing to serve more students and connect them with providers of legal services during this time of uncertainty.

We are going to build our own wall in the Enroot office and we need your help. Send us a short message of support for Enroot students and their families and we will tape it up as a ‘brick’ in our wall. We need you to help us build it!

As you’ve heard me say in previous letters, Enroot students are some of the most optimistic and resilient people I’ve ever met. But this is a moment when the safety net of support we surround them with is needed most. Share this letter and encourage others to stand with Enroot and our immigrant community.