Our Trip to Microsoft

Our program in Somerville is off to a strong start. Students recently went on a career visit to the Microsoft Store to learn more about career opportunities there. Here is one student's account of the day:

Emanuelle and other Somerville students try their hands at coding.

Emanuelle and other Somerville students try their hands at coding.

Hi my name is Emanuelle. I am a sophomore at Somerville High School, and I am from Brazil. This week we went to the Microsoft store in Boston. When we first got there they started to talk about their jobs. They also explained the history of Microsoft and who founded the company. Next they taught us how to code. We watched a tutorial on the computer, and then we made our own code. At the end we played the game that we made with the code.

The most interesting part of this visit was when the employees told us how they got their jobs. For example they explained which classes they took in college and what else they had to do to get their jobs. This was interesting because, it is helpful for people who might want that job.

One thing that I learned is that Microsoft's CFO is the first woman to hold that position. Her name is Amy Hood and she is on Forbes, list of ‘’The World’s 100 Most Powerful Woman’’. It’s great that a woman is in that position because usually we have a lot of man in top leadership positions. Amy Hood is an inspiration for girls who want to be powerful and independent when they grow up.

Our trip to Microsoft was exciting and I learned a lot about different parts of the company.