Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Enroot friends, family, and supporters:
The two things I admire most about our students are their optimism and resilience. Enroot students are some of the most optimistic and resilient people I’ve ever met.
Optimism and resilience also happen to be two of the things I like best about our country, and they are a big part of what continues to make us greater with each generation.
Each of our students is processing this week’s news in their own way but for many it’s a moment that challenges both their optimism and resilience. It’s a moment when the team of caring adults we surround them with is needed most.
I’m writing today to ask that you be a part of this team and contribute your voice to those confirming for our students that they are welcome here, they are valued members of our community, and that we are more committed than ever to their success.
Below are some ideas of how you can show our students you stand with them and make a difference in their lives. You can add your voice in lots of ways - by donating to help us serve more students or by simply sharing this with your networks and encouraging their involvement.
Now more than ever, I’m deeply grateful to be a part of Enroot and for the support of so many individuals who invest in our students’ futures.

Thank you, today and every day, for being a part of our family.

Ben Clark
Executive Director

Now more than ever our students need your support. Let them know you've got their back and stand with our community to affirm the value of our immigrant students.

Share stories about our students with your friends, family, and network. Show our community how much you value Enroot students and celebrate their amazing accomplishments. 

We're not sure what the days, weeks, and months ahead will bring for us, our community, or our students. We're committed to staying informed, staying involved, and staying active to ensure that our students feel safe, celebrated, and encouraged to succeed.