Enroot Visits Glass House

My name is Sawera. I am in tenth grade in Somerville High School. I am from Pakistan.

In the Enroot program, we visit to colleges and also we visit to professional companies. It’s helps us to think about our careers; like what we want to do in our future. In Enroot, we do lots of cool stuff, such as we talk about how to apply to college, how we can get professional job, sometimes we play games for fun, we have tutors and mentors we work with them, and also we do our school work (such as writing a story or essay). We went to the “Glass House Restaurant” on December 6, 2016. The best part of this visit was when the manager was talking with us. He was talking us about how he became a manager. He started his job to clean the dishes. He work hard and studied hard to get on this position. He tell us, “He give everyone equal rights”. He didn’t care about anyone's religion and he thinks everyone’s equal.

On this visit, I learned how we can get better and better by keep trying to get better and nothing is impossible. Whatever, we want we can do it.