Field Trip to CHA with Enroot Somerville

By: Adnan, Enroot Student

On February 8, we went to Cambridge Hospital Alliance in Somerville. I went to Cambridge Hospital Alliance in Somerville with the Enroot somerville high school students. It was a great experience exploring the CHA with the students. Students looked engaged when the guide was explaining the different type of section in the hospital. We also went in the laboratory, where blood and urine and different types of test has been done for informational purposes. We also went through an elevator which was used as a passage to other building.


One of my question to the health care professional was, “How does IT (information technology) impact this surgeons?”. One of the surgeon answered that IT plays an important role in the hospitals for uses of machineries and computer software which helps the surgeons get information. The fun fact which came across was that there were about 800 interpreter in CHA and their hourly rate is about 20-25$. About 50% of the interpreter works half time and the rest the full time. 42% of the patients that visit the CHA are immigrants and needs an interpreter. The student were asking various type of question, which showed that the students were really engaged and enjoyed learning about the CHA somerville hospital.