Immigrant students are counting on you!

“When I first joined the program… I had almost given up on my education. Enroot opened up a way for me and I was able to see that anything was possible if I kept doing my best and not giving up.”
- Angela, Enroot College Success Freshman, 2019

Dear Friends,

For over two decades, support from individuals like you has made it possible for hundreds of students like Angela to pursue their families’ dreams with courage and confidence. Over the last 5 years, Enroot has grown from serving 30 students in Cambridge, to now over 200 students across Cambridge, Somerville, and on 19 college campuses.

None of this would have been possible without the generous support of individuals like you. Thank you.    

Last year, with instrumental funding from individual and institutional donors, we launched our College Success program to support our high school graduates in their first two years after graduation, ensuring a successful transition into their post-secondary life. 

“As a first-generation college student, I feel really proud of myself for such an incredible step in my life. My family has worked really hard in order for me to get to this country and going to college is a way to thank them for everything they have done for me. As an immigrant student, I’ve faced lots of challenges. There were people out there that believed I couldn’t make it. Sometimes I found myself in a position I was believing I couldn’t make it...But I got to a point where I told myself, ‘you can do it’. Since that moment I started to work harder and harder. I stayed after school to get work done or get helped with my assignments. And I got it. I’m officially a college student pursuing a psychology degree.”
- Karla, Enroot College Success Freshman, 2019
This year’s campaign, with a goal of raising $100,000 from dedicated community members like you, will not only allow Enroot to reach more students, but will also enable us to better respond to their evolving needs at this challenging time for immigrants in our country.
Our Students, Our Model, Our Impact
It’s never been easy to be an immigrant in the United States. Leaving behind beloved family members, familiar traditions, culture, and community is a challenge many of us cannot fully appreciate. Right here in Massachusetts, immigrant students face daily threats, discrimination, and hateful rhetoric around the community and even within the school hallways. 

Enroot is the only agency in Massachusetts offering a multi-faceted program exclusively focused on addressing the specific needs of immigrant students. Our approach includes tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, post-secondary access workshops, professional internships, and college success coaching. 

"Enroot is the exact type of partnership that districts strive to have and we were fortunate enough to get. The students who have been part of Enroot  are more college and career ready."

 - Somerville Superintendent of Schools, Mary Skipper

Our program has proven effective at dramatically improving the success outcomes for English learner students. We’re proud that our students go on to graduate college at more than twice the rate of their peers. While this is an accomplishment we celebrate with our 400+ alumni, we know we are just getting started and look forward to supporting future students to accomplish even more. Your donation to Enroot’s annual campaign will help us inspire the dreamers and leaders of tomorrow. 
This important work is only possible with your generous support. 
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Thank you, for being an Enroot supporter, for making an impact on the lives of newcomers, and for continuing to invite your friends and family to join our fight for educational equity. Our students and the entire organization are deeply appreciative of your support. 

With gratitude, 
Ben Clark
Executive Director, Enroot