Enroot receives $300K grant from Cummings Foundation

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Cambridge, MA - Enroot is one of the greater Boston area nonprofits sharing in the Cummings Foundation’s $25 million grant program in 2019. The Cambridge based organization that supports immigrant students has been awarded a $300,000 Sustaining Grant to be disbursed over the next ten years.

On receiving this award, Enroot’s Executive Director Ben Clark commented, “Enroot is thrilled to expand our partnership with the Cummings Foundation to advance equity for immigrant students. With the Cummings Foundation’s support over the next decade, we’ll be able to bring the Enroot experience to many hundreds of additional immigrant students in new communities around the greater Boston area.”

Enroot is specifically looking to expand to communities in Massachusetts with growing immigrant populations and a large proportion of English Learners. The support of the Cummings Foundation will allow Enroot to more confidently expand to communities that have traditionally received less philanthropic support and work to garner the support of other major funding partners.

Recognizing the value and rarity of long-term financial support for nonprofits, especially smaller organizations, programs such as the Sustaining Grants, provide ongoing funding for previous $100K for 100 winners, typically from $20,000 to $50,000 annually, for up to ten years. The Sustaining Grants program builds on Cummings Foundation's $100K for 100 programs. First offered in 2012, $100K for 100 annually awards multi-year grants of $100,000 each to 100 nonprofits that are based in and serve Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties.

During the award ceremony, Cummings Foundation volunteer selection committee representative Paul Lohnes shared this reflection:

“There are many signs saying “Immigrants welcome” around Cambridge, but Enroot lives that statement. Enroot helps teach its students to light a fire within, to leverage their own power, and to upgrade their own dreams. It has an inspirational staff, totally committed and aware of what their mission is. Quick and nimble, Enroot is always ready to meet shifting needs. It follows through in concrete ways, helping students become engaged and caring adults. I feel certain about its potential for success.”

About Cummings Foundation

Woburn-based Cummings Foundation, Inc. was established in 1986 by Joyce and Bill Cummings. With assets exceeding $1.4 billion, it is one of the largest foundations in New England. The Foundation directly operates its own charitable subsidiaries, including New Horizons retirement communities in Marlborough and Woburn. Its largest commitments to date include $50 million to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and $15 million to Partners In Health, in Boston. Additional information is available at www.CummingsFoundation.org.

About Enroot

By providing wrap-around support that tackles the unique challenges facing English Learner students in high school and in their first two years of college, Enroot narrows the achievement gap between our students and their native-born peers. Enroot’s multi-year model enables us to leverage established and long-lasting student relationships to achieve the targeted support that immigrant students need to complete high school and graduate from college.