Why I Joined Enroot!

By: Sampriti, Enroot Student Class of '17

Hi my name is Sampriti. I came to the United States last April.  Last year I joined the City Links mentoring Program [now Enroot]. I got an amazing person as my mentor. She was very helpful and friendly. I was helped by her with my homework and improving my English. My mentor also gave me information about the college application process. We also went to museums, made art projects and went out for ice cream which was really fun. As a new student in this country I understood that I could never get these opportunities unless I joined City Links.

Samprity and other Enroot students at the MIT Hackathon.

Samprity and other Enroot students at the MIT Hackathon.

This was my first summer in the United States and I got a summer job through City Links. I worked as a junior staff member for an academic program called Summer Discovery. I worked helping teachers in the classroom with the students. It was a great experience and I have learned how teachers take care of students. I am feeling grateful that I was a part of Summer Discovery, and I enjoyed working with the teachers.

Also during the summer City Links arranged a few field trips I got chance to visit Trip Advisor, Novartis, Education First and Georges Island. I also got chance to participate in a MIT Hackathon.

“City Links” is now “Enroot”. This program only has changed their name. The goal is the same. This program has many different options for immigrant high schools students. As an immigrant student I think I made the right decision to join this program.