Volunteer Profile: David Bach

David is studying to become a physical therapist at MGH Institute of Health Professions and is a mentor in Cambridge.

David and his mentee Benjamin

I am in my second year volunteering as a mentor with Enroot. My student came to the US from the Dominican Republic in the Fall of 2015. We meet weekly and have spent time practicing English, playing chess and card games, and when the weather allows, we like to go outside to play basketball. We have tried new foods together, gone ice skating, and have a trip planned to the Museum of Science for later this month. Volunteering with Enroot has been a very rewarding experience. Not only have I been able to create a strong mentorship bond with my student, but I also have become part of a great community of fellow mentors who are kind, creative, and strengthen our community. I feel fortunate to be a part of this community that makes a positive difference in the lives of so many young people.