Enroot's Mentors and Tutors

This year, Enroot's incredible force of 175 mentors and tutors will work with out students 1:1 each week. Mentors provide support in applying to college, setting goals, and navigating a new community. Tutors provide academic coaching to students in subjects ranging from English to AP Physics. 

Fun facts about this years mentors:

  • Our volunteers speak 17 different languages
  • Volunteers have lived in 38 different countries
  • Enroot volunteers work in a diverse range of professional fields, from healthcare to education
  • 75% of our volunteers live and/or work in Cambridge or Somerville

Mentors and Tutors Professional Fields

chart (5).png

Our work would not be possible without the time our volunteers generously give each week and we could not be more grateful for their dedication and support- thank you Enroot volunteers!