Reflections on the Women's Conference

December 8th 2016 was a special day for me. I got a chance to join the Women's Conference in Boston on that day.There were seven students in total from Enroot,including me. There were about 10,000 women who joined the conference. It was a huge program to increase awareness of rights and woman power among women. I’m glad that I was a part of that program and learned a lot. There were many women such as Annie Clark, Renee Connolly etc. who are successful in their life, talked on stage about their experiences and struggles. They taught me a lot by sharing their speech. I am going to list some ideas that I learned from the conference.

●    Failure brings your gift
●    You don't ask, you don't get
●    Study, forgive, and understand your parents
●    The way to grow your power to give it away
●    A song is not a song until you sing it, A bell is not a bell until you ring it

There were two parts of the conference. In the 1st part successful women shared their experiences and in the 2nd part we joined in a different session and got to know about “ I Am That Girl ” (a community support for 14-22 years old girl). In the end, I’m grateful for having that opportunity to learn lessons of life.

- Samprity, 12th grade Cambridge Enroot Student

Life can teach you a valuable lesson from your mistakes

It was a helpful experience I had at the women’s conference. I learned a lot. I learned about woman power. Power is always and everything. I learned that as a women you need your own power which is actually shows who you are person in this world and society. Don’t worry about making mistakes and taking risk. “Life can teach you a valuable lesson from your mistakes.” These words inspire me so much to do anything I want to do without being scared. I also learned self care is so important. You must stand for yourself and speak out. Be educated and free from sexual violence. These are amazing thing to learn in life, and I got an opportunity to attend women’s conference and learned valuable lessons. We can’t go forward without taking some lessons from the past. I will always keep this experience in my mind.  

- Sana, 12th grade Cambridge Enroot Student