Our Continuing Evolution

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re evolving. Our fourth core value of “constant improvement” demands it and we are excited to continue to grow and change as the community and our students do along with us.

The city of Cambridge has been growing and changing, and CCS and City Links* have grown and changed along with it. More than Cambridge, the Greater Boston area has evolved, so we’re excited to be planning our first site outside of Cambridge to ensure City Links continues to serve low-income immigrant youth who need it most.

What does this mean for Cambridge Community Services and City Links? First- we’ll be expanding outside of Cambridge for the first time next year.Second- with a narrower program focus and expanded geographic footprint, we realize the time has come to rebrand the organization.

We’ve spent the last year refining our mission and program model (don’t worry- the City Links you know is still here!), now it’s time to refine our name. Over the next few months, we’ll be working with Soldier, a generous marketing firm in Harvard Square, to think about the future of our work.

Stay tuned!
– Ben Clark, Executive Director

*You'll see us reference CCS and City Links throughout older blog posts. We have chosen not to update all posts, as a nod to our history, and specifically not to update our students' voices from past year. Please enjoy getting to know them on their journey through City Links and Enroot.