Join us in empowering Enroot students.


Setting firm roots in their new land is the first step for recently arrived immigrants. This strong foundation is essential in realizing the dreams that brought them here. Our volunteers, partners, donors, and supporters help build that strong foundation, providing the support, guidance, and resources to empower Enroot students to set roots and spread their wings. Join us.

Enroot has an open position. Consider becoming part of the Enroot team!

What excites me the most about [Enroot] is that they care about the whole student…the students want to be there, the volunteers keep coming back, and the entire experience is positive, productive, and powerful.
— Volunteer Committee Member and Mentor, 2016

Become a Mentor

Act as a role model, friend, and adviser for a student.


Become a Tutor

Support the academic growth, critical thinking skills, and English language acquisition for a student.


Host an Intern

Provide a student with the professional skills, career exploration, and advice to work towards a meaningful career.


Investment from donors like you is the most vital factor to our students’ success. 

When I first joined the program…I had almost given up on my education. [Enroot] opened up a way for me and I was able to see that anything was possible if I kept doing my best and not giving up.
— Program Alumnus from Haiti, CRLS Class of 2012, UMASS Boston Class of 2016

Your generosity will provide the foundation needed for students to realize success and achieve their goals.