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Setting firm roots in their new land is the first step for recently arrived immigrants. This strong foundation is essential in realizing the dreams that brought them here. Our volunteers, partners, donors, and supporters help build that strong foundation by providing the support, guidance, and resources to empower Enroot students to set roots and spread their wings. Join us.

What excites me the most about [Enroot] is that they care about the whole student…the students want to be there, the volunteers keep coming back, and the entire experience is positive, productive, and powerful.
— Volunteer Committee Member and Mentor

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Enroot! Learn more about mentoring and tutoring and complete a volunteer application below.

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Become a Mentor

Act as a role model, friend, and adviser for a student.


Become a Tutor

Support the academic growth, critical thinking skills, and English language acquisition for a student.


Host an Intern

Provide a student with the professional skills, career exploration, and advice to work towards a meaningful career.


Enroot is seeking a full-time Development Manager to join our development team. Reporting to the Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives, the Development Manager will execute all grant activities required to secure and steward institutional funders, manage Enroot’s fundraising database, manage donor communications, and provide additional support in development operations.

Join us on this exciting journey.

  • We strive to build a safe foundation for self-expression and discovery among students of diverse backgrounds.
  • We recognize, share, and celebrate the backgrounds and cultures of our students.
  • We seek to ground our students in the resources needed to succeed in school, their communities, and their goals for the future.
  • We aim to provide opportunities for students to grow and make a positive contribution to their family’s well-being.




Thank you to our program partners for their vision and support! 


Enroot was born as City Links, a collaboration between then Cambridge Community Services (CCS), Cambridge Office of Workforce Development (OWD), and Cambridge Public Schools in 1992 as an effort to address a particularly large influx of immigrants, primarily from Central America. In 2014, the Principal of CRLS offered the program office and classroom space in the high school, to enable us to operate more effectively within the fabric of the school's infrastructure. For the past 3 years, the Principal, Superintendent of Schools, and the Cambridge Public Schools Department have made financial commitments to ensure the sustainability of Enroot as part of the CRLS community.

When I think of Enroot, I think of community and family. Enroot meets each student’s individual need and provides critical opportunities for students who are new to our school, Cambridge, or the United States. Through participation in the program, students begin to develop strong bonds with each other and they begin to construct a community in their new environment. The bonds of friendship and community are evident in the way Enroot students support each other at CRLS.

Our partnership with Enroot is a critical to the success of CRLS ELL students.
— Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Principal Damon Smith


We are encouraged by significant enthusiasm and planned investments from a broad spectrum of partners, including the Somerville Superintendent of Schools, Somerville Mayor, ELL administrators, local nonprofits, and community leaders, eager to bring Enroot to Somerville. The pilot program will serve 20-30 students, kicking off in the Fall of 2016. This partnership will result in an even greater impact across the Cambridge/Somerville communities.

Enroot has earned an impressive record of success working with students in Cambridge using a relational model of support that places the student and his/her unique needs front and center. Our students will benefit greatly from this new partnership and from Enroot’s demonstrated commitment to helping students gain the leadership skills that will help them achieve and succeed throughout their lives.
— Somerville Superintendent of Schools Mary Skipper
We are thrilled to be partnering with Enroot and to be able to offer students who have had to face more challenges than most, with the individualized support that can help them achieve success throughout their lifetimes. Every student has the right to dream big and the potential to fulfill their dreams given the opportunity and the tools. Enroot provides that opportunity.
— Somerville High School Headmaster John Oteri

Support from donors like you is the most vital factor to our students’ success. 

When I first joined the program…I had almost given up on my education. [Enroot] opened up a way for me and I was able to see that anything was possible if I kept doing my best and not giving up.
— Program Alumnus from Haiti, CRLS Class of 2012, UMASS Boston Class of 2016

Your generosity will provide the foundation needed for students to realize success and achieve their goals.


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